1967 Commemorative Annual Issue

Table of Contents

Vol.1, #1, Winter 1967

EDITORIAL by F. Clive-Ross   1
Keys to the Bible by Frithjof Schuon   2
On Meditation by Dom Aelred Graham, O.S.B.   5
Extracts from the Letters of  Shaikh Al-`Arabī Ad-Darqāwī    10
Translated by Titus Burckhardt
Introduction to Tibetan Art by Marco Pallis   17
The Wild Boar and the Bear by René Guénon   i 27
Book Reviews    32
Correspondence    37

Vol.1, #2, Spring 1967

Nature and Function of the Spiritual Master by Frithjof Schuon    41
Orthodoxy and the Master texts presented by Whitall N. Perry   48
Meditation and Action by The Venerable Chögyam Trungpa   56
Hermes by René Guénon    63
Reincarnation: New Flesh on Old Bones by Whitall N. Perry    67
Correspondence    75

Vol.1, #3, Summer 1967

The Sword of the Spirit: The Making of an Orthodox Rosary by D. M. Deed     79
Traditional Symbolism in Kubla Khan by Kathleen Raine   85
The Science of Hand-Reading in Sufism by René Guénon   96
“With God all things are possible” by Lord Northbourne   99
Perennial Values in Islamic Art by Titus Burckhardt   105
Correspondence    112

Vol.1, #4, Autumn 1967

EDITIORIAL by Clive F. Ross   117
The Impossible Convergence by Frithjof Schuon   118
The Image and its Meaning in Popular Hindu Ritual by Ursula M. Sharma     121
A Thomist Approach to the Vedanta by Bernard Kelly   131
Pilgrimage to Mecca by Abu Bakr Siraj ad-Din   136
A Zen Master by Irmgard Schlögel   143
Book Reviews    145
Correspondence    150