1968 Commemorative Annual Issue

Table of Contents

Vol.2, #1, Winter 1968

The Sun Dance by Frithjof Schuon   1
Man and the Presence of Evil in Christian and Platonic Doctrine   4
   by Phillip Sherrard
The Force of Traditional Philosophy in Iran Todayby Henry Corbin   8
Jonah by D. M. Deed   18
Forgiveness in Religious Thought by Donald H. Bishop   21
Who is Man? The Perennial Answer of Islam by Seyyed Hossein Nasr     31
Book Reviews    39
Correspondence   48

Vol. 2, #2, Spring 1968

Usurpations of Religious Feeling by Frithjof Schuon   53
Discovering the Interior Life by Marco Pallis   63
Dilowa Gegen Hutukhtu (1883-1965) by Wesley E. Needham    73
Man and the Presence of Evil in Christian and Platonic Doctrine (Part II)    80
   by Philip Sherrard
The Moslim Saint in Toledo Cathedral by Angus Macnab   86
Book Reviews   89
Correspondence   102

Vol. 2, #3, Summer 1968

The Wisdom of the Virgin by Frithjof Schuon    107
The Golden Flower and its Fruit by Pierre Grison   115
The Art of Breathing in the West by Elémire Zolla    119
The Qoranic Symbolism of Water by Martin Lings   124
Buddhist Meditation by G. J. Yorke   129
Islamic Surveys: Four Works by Seyyed Hossein Nasr   136
   by Titus Burckhardt

Encounter of Mercy and Justice by Marco Pallis   141
Book Reviews   145
Correspondence   153

Vol. 2, #4, Autumn 1968

Is There Room for “Grace” in Buddhism? by Marco Pallis   161
Shakta and Shakti by Usha Chatterji    173
Towards a Christian Anthropology by Patrick A. Moore   182
The Spiritual Function of Civilisation by Abū Bakr Sirāj ad-Dīn;    190
True Listening by Gerard Casey   193
Man in the Universe: Permanence Amidst Apparent Change    198
   by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Book Reviews    204