1969 Commemorative Annual Issue

Table of Contents

Vol. 3, #1, Winter 1969

Old Lithuanian Songs by Martin Lings   3
A Glance at Agriculture by Lord Northbourne   11
Some Aspects of the Symbolism of the Fish by René Guénon   22
An Introduction to the Religious Thought of C. G. Jung by Philip Sherrard   26
Man, Creation and the Fossil Record by Donald H. Bishop   38
Book Reviews    43
Correspondence   48

Vol. 3, #2, Spring 1969

Dilemmas of Moslem Scholasticism by Frithjof Schuon   57
The Language of Birds by René Guénon   80
Tibetan Music: Sacred and Secular by Lobsang Ph. Lhalungpa    83
The Symbolism of Chess by Titus Burckhardt    91
The Ancient Wisdom in Africa by Patrick Bowen   96
Book Reviews   103
Correspondence   108

Vol. 3, #3, Summer 1969

Understanding and Believing by Frithjof Schuon    113
Thomas Merton 1915-1968: An Appreciation Of His Life     120
   And Work, By One Who Knew Him by Marco Pallis   
Tradition and Commentary As Religious Categories in Judaism   127
    by Gershom G. Scholem
Between Time and Eternity Edited and translated by Pedro and     140
   Ann-Lawrie Aisa and Mackenzie Brown
The Seven Liberal Arts and the West Door of Chartres Cathedral   152
   by Titus Burckhardt   
Book Reviews   155
Correspondence   163

Vol. 3, #4, Autumn 1969

No Activity Without Truth by Frithjof Schuon   169
Gandhi’s Theory of Society and Our Times by A. K. Saran    177
The Persistence of Essential Values among North American Plains Indians    186
   by Joseph Epes Brown   
Religion and Science by Lord Northbourne    193
Between Time and Eternity Edited and translated by Pedro and    203
   Ann-Lawrie Aisa and Mackenzie Brown
Book Reviews    214
Correspondence   215