1971 Commemorative Annual Issue

Table of Contents

Vol. 5, #1, Winter 1971

Oriental Dialectic and Its Roots in Faith by Frithjof Schuon   3
The Heart and the Cave by René Guénon   24
Arab or Islamic Art? by Titus Burckhardt   27
The Seven Deadly Sins by Martin Lings   35
Intellectual Freedom by Lord Northbourne   41
The Round of Existence by Harold Talbott   50
Book Reviews    59

Vol. 5, #2, Spring 1971

Remarks on an Enigma of the Koan by Frithjof Schuon   71
The Mountain and the Cave by René Guénon   74
The Symbolism of Archery by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy    77
The Crisis of Hinduism by A.K. Saran    92
Spiritual Currents in Music by Jocelyn Godwin   106
Book Reviews   118
Correspondence   120

Vol. 5, #3, Summer 1971

The Human Margin (Part 1) by Frithjof Schuon    123
Notes on the Shaikh al-‘Alawi (1869-1934) by Michel Vâlsan    134
The Sexual Relationship in Christian Thought by Philip Sherrard    139
Why Exhibit Works of Art? by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy    155
Book Reviews   163

Vol. 5, #4, Autumn 1971

The Human Margin (Part 2) by Frithjof Schuon   173
Councils of a Sufi Master by R. W. J. Austin    183
Realization: From a Christian Point of View by Dorothea Deed    189
Shinran’s Indebtedness to T’an-luan by Shojun Bando    193
Mysticism and Traditional Philosophy in Persia, Pre-Islamic and Islamic    204
   by Seyyed Hossein Nasr   
The Meaning of the Temple by Leo Schaya    209
Book Reviews    213
Correspondence   217