1974 Commemorative Annual Issue

Table of Contents

Vol. 8, #1, Winter 1974

The Question of Theodicies by Frithjof Schuon

Knowledge and its Counterfeit by Gai Eaton

The New Eschatology by Lord Northbourne

A Letter to Disciples in Prison (letter of the Shaykh al-Darqawi) by R. W. Austin

The Influence of Greek on Indian Art by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

The History of the Holy Grail (Prologue and Introduction) Translated by Adrian Paterson from the 12th century French of the Sire Robert de Borron

Book Reviews

Vol. 8, #2, Spring 1974

The Mystery of the Two Natures by Frithjof Schuon

Rūmī and the Sufi Tradition by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

A Cross Awry by Lord Northbourne

The Only Heritage We Have by Gai Eaton

The Symbolical Career of Georgios Gemistos Plethon by Philip Sherrard

Book Reviews

Vol. 8, #3, Summer 1974

Form and Substance in the Religions by Frithjof Schuon

Religion and Anti-Religion in Eastern Europe by Peregrinus

What We Are and Where We Are by Gai Eaton

Book Reviews

Vol. 8, #4, Autumn 1974

Images of Islam (Seeds of a Divergence) by Frithjof Schuon

Gurdjieff in the Light of Tradition (part 1) by Whitall N. Perry

Reflections on the Numinous and our Predicament by Bernard Wall

Book Review

New Books