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Now that the first year is completed for Studies in Comparative Religion, the editor F Clive Ross feels that it is important to acknowledge that the choice of a new title, that better reflects the actual emphasis in topics and articles, was a wise one. According to Mr Ross, the journal has already received wider circulation and they are anticipating a rise in articles about interesting and diverse topics, written by well known thinkers in this field. The editor prepares readers for an expanded edition of 64 pages in the winter season, but which unfortunately includes a higher cost as well. The editor encourages readers to continue their support and to spread the word to their friends regarding this journal.
Editorial - Autumn 1967Clive-Ross, F. Vol. 1, No. 4. ( Autumn, 1967) General Information
Following the change of the journal's title from Tomorrow to Studies in Comparative Religion, editor F. Clive-Ross thinks it advisable to re-state the mission of the journal: Studies is devoted to the exposition of the teachings, spiritual methods, symbolism, and other facets of the religious traditions of the world, together with the traditional arts and sciences which have sprung from those religions. It is not sectarian and, inasmuch as it is not tied to the interests of any particular religious group, it is free to lay stress on the common spirit underlying the various religious forms..
Editorial - Winter 1967Clive-Ross, F. Vol. 1, No. 1. ( Winter, 1967) General Information
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